LC Stainless Steel Bowl Guard Series

Heavy Duty Construction.
Entire guard constructed of 304 Stainless Steel for durability.
Hardware: (Hinges, Latch, Fasteners) all stainless steel.
High Impact Technopolymer plastic/ Safety Grip Handles.
Micro-switch and wiring harness – Pre-mounted on guard (installation hook-up ready).
Quick Release latch closure – for easy opening/closing.
Minimal installation required.

LC Bread Crumb Machine - Model: LCBG80

Bread Crumb Machine is specifically made for bakeries but is suitable for restaurants.
• Unit is constructed of Stainless Steel Infeed Chute complete with Anodized Aluminum body.
• Very Easy to operate – No Maintenance Required
• Fan Cooled Motor – Perfect for Continous Use

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LC Bagel Steam Kettle

Self-generating, electric, tri-leg kettle. A double wall kettle interior
forms a steam jacket around the lower 2/3 of the kettle. The
jacket enclosure contains distilled water which is factory sealed.
The bottom of the kettle shall be of hemispherical design for superior
heat circulation. Kettle will be mounted on 3 stainless steel tubular
legs fitted with a 4-hole adjustable foot for securing unit to the floor

Construction shall be all welded #4 finish stainless steel, type 304.
The liner on models 20 through 40 gallon shall be standard 316 for
high acid content cooking. The controls shall be integrally mounted
and shall include a power switch, thermostat, pilot light, low water
light, vacuum/pressure gauge, safety relief valve, and lowwater shut

The kettle shall be standard with removable elements. Convenience
features shall include a 2" (50 mm) draw-off valve, 20 through 40
gallonmodels are supplied with a hinged counterbalanced stainless
steel domed cover. The 60 through 100 gallon models are supplied
with a spring assist hinged stainless steel domed cover. The kettle
shall be ASME Code stamped, National Board Registered, c-CSAus
and NSF certified.

The kettle shall operate in a temperature range of 165°F to 285°F
(74°C to 140°C) at a maximum pressure of 50 psi (345 kPa).

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LC Belshaw Type 'K' Handheld Depositor

Belshaw's line of Type K depositors and dispensers provide the most efficient method for accurately dispensing a variety of pancake, donut and batter mixes and ingredients.

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LC Water Meter

LC offers a wide range of water meters for your mixing solutions.

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LC Mini Chip Slicer

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LC Bread Slicer

LC offers a wide range of bread slicing equipment for retail, commercial or industrial use.

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LC Donut Finishing Station

LC Introduces the Donut Finishing Station. Unit is constructed complete with Stainless Steel for durability and easy washdown.
Systems Comes complete with a glazing station with Ladle, Donut Topping Area, Edhard Donut Filling System complete with space for 3 Additional filling Hoppers, heated Glaze Station complete with 4 Individual pans for different glazes and storage area on bottom of unit. The unit can be configured in a left to right or right to left configuration. Unit comes fully assembled on casters for easy mobility. Heavy Duty lids for all areas are included. Unit can be customized to meet individual customers needs.

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