The LC Tunnel Oven Series is designed in a Modular Sectional Format. Sections are pre insulated for High Energy Efficiency. Top and Bottom Heat can be adjusted separately by the use of a special damper system. Interior Heat Distribution controlled by LC “Flo Channel” Design. Interior walls are manufactured with a High Heat Aluminized corrosion resistant metal. Exterior is manufactured complete with Stainless Steel. Baking Band system is controlled by Servo Motors controlled by the Main PLC Control Panel. Each section can be individually controlled via PLC for individual Bake Profile. PLC Controls all systems and provides diagnostic feedback. Fully Automated Bread Loading System allows the loading of pan bread or peel board product. LC Unloading System providing excellent consistency and can be integrated into external systems.


  • Direct / Indirect / Cyclothermic / Radiant Heating Systems
  • Stone / Steel / Mesh Deck Surfaces
  • Multiple Zones or 3 Zone System
  • Self Contained Steam System or Boiler Fed Steam System
  • Natural Gas Fired or Electric Heating System
  • Multiple Voltages
  • Baking Length available in 10 ft sections up to 110 ft.
  • Baking Width available to 144”


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